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Marloth Park is a small town-cum-nature reserve bordering the Kruger National Park and is extremely popular with those wanting to visit the Kruger and get a sense of the African bush. Marloth Park lies on the southern border of the Kruger National Park, on the N4 between Malelane and Komatipoort. It's 14km from the Crocodile Bridge Gate into Kruger and 35km from the Malelane Gate. It is only a 20 minute drive from Mozambique, making Marloth Park a convenient stop-over for those on an adventurous Southern African road trip.

The town itself is tiny, giving one a real sense of immersion in nature. In between the service station, one or two shops and other basic amenities, wild animals roam freely. You may even find yourself enjoying your morning coffee as zebras sip from the swimming pool or needing to dodge a herd of Kudu's as you make your way to the restaurant. Other animals roaming freely in Marloth Park area include impala, kudu, baboons, vervet monkeys, warthog and giraffe. In a fenced-off section of the Marloth Park reserve called Lionspruit, you will find lions, rhinos and even buffalo.

Things to do in Marloth Park tend to centre around game viewing and taking in the bush atmosphere. The natural boundary between the Marloth Park Holiday Township and the Kruger National Park is the Crocodile River - home to hippos and a drinking spot for elephants and other game not necessarily found in Marloth Park itself.

Kruger National Park Hippo on river bed
Marloth Park Kruger National Park Zebras Kruger National Park Hippo on river bed
Nyati Safari Bushcamp Bombfire Pit

International Proximities

Mozambique and Swaziland, home to unexplored dives sites, deep-sea fishing, Swazi Spa's and Casinos. These international borders are the destination to explore and meets closely to Marloth park, which makes Marloth Park the perfect tourist destination and layover.

Marloth Park Facilities

Swimming Pool

Temperatures in the region can reach above 40°C, and cooling down within the shaded swimming pool is one of the regular activities within Marloth Park.


The best remedy for a hot summer day out full of activities, there are several great water holes within Marloth Park that caters for everyone. Ensure you visit one of the many pubs within the area.


Marloth Park is a self catering nature reserve, but breaking the daily routine of cooking offers the opportunity to indulge in dinner with a view and nature.

Hardware Store

The hardware stores are necessities within Marloth Park, being a self catering, self serving area; one will always need a few handy tools to your disposal.

Petrol Station

Marloth Park is situated in the middle of the wilderness, and having a petrol station in arms reach eases the worries of running out of gas when exploring nature.

Lookout Points

The lookout points on the Crocodile River enables the visitors of Marloth Park to enjoy the nature's beauty, from sundowners to a beautiful view of the Kruger National Park.

Closeup Buffalo Portrait Kruger National Park

Birds Species and Game

of Marloth Park

Wake up to the satisfying call of the fish eagle, or the sound of warthogs, zebras or buffalos grazing next to your window. Marloth Park house a variety of animals roaming freely, from more than 300 species of birds to wild animals such as elephants, buffalo, lions, rhinos, impalas, kudus, waterbucks, giraffes, bushbucks, zebras, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, hippos, infrequently cape hunting dogs and a variety of smaller antelope such as duiker and steenbok.

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